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I've been her keeper as long as I can
But now I'm ready to put her in Your hands

Because she's so hurt, she cannot see
That I am as broken and destroyed as she

I have been her keeper much longer than I should
But I had to do it, because no one else would

She doesn't take me for granted, she just doesn't realize
That for her there are things I had to sacrifice

I do not regret one thing that I've done
I can't help all, but I sort of helped one

But it's getting difficult for me to cope
Because for all that I give, I receive no hope

You are the only one who believes
In me, and makes me think there's something I can achieve

I have been strong, but You are much stronger than I
I thank You for having listened to my cry

I'm sorry that I hesitated to give her to You
I know You'll give her more than I could ever do

Just keep her safe, and treat her with care
Until I am able to be her keeper there.
Sometimes you have to let go.

Written for a lot of reasons, for a lot of people.

Kind of in a prayer style (think "Now I lay me down to sleep") though I mean in no way to offend anyone. It DOESN'T have to be interpreted like that.
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September 26, 2012
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